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About Natal

Natal is the capital city of the State of Rio Grande do Norte. Known as the City of the Sun, Natal is in the corner of South America and is the nearest Brazilian city to Europe.

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Natal is the perfect combination of tropical climate, beautiful beaches with warm waters, exuberant nature and friendly people

Natal has around 800 thousand inhabitants and it is a touristic city that receives more than two million Brazilian and foreign tourists every year. It has one of the most modern and well located hotel chains in the country, besides having wide variety of restaurants, pubs, bars, malls and many other places for entertainment.

It is a modern and joyful city, born between its rivers and the sea, adorned by dunes and lots of green trees. The visitors are delighted by the more than 400km of Atlantic Coast, surrounded by beautiful beaches, many of which are visited through radical Buggy rides around the Sea, Dunes and Lagoons, with various attractions along with them. Also, there are many good places for Diving, and the constant winds make Windsurf and Kitesurf available


The City of the Sun is located only 5 degrees south of the equator and it has a pleasant climate, around 29ºC (84F), despite the strong sun shining almost all year round. According to NASA, Natal has the purest air in the Americas.
A constant breeze from the ocean tricks people into forgetting that the sun is very strong.
The incidence of UV rays is one of the highest of Brazil and it is strongly recommended to avoid sun-bathing during the hours of the technical sessions!

Financial information

The Brazilian currency is the Real (plural: Reais, abbreviation: BRL). At the date of this writing, 1USD = 2.0BRL and 1EUR = 2.49BRL.
Most shops, restaurants and hotels accept Visa or MasterCard.
Please access Brazil Central Bank for complete currency exchange rates.

For more general information, visit the website of Tourist Office of Natal